After being thoroughly impressed by Hangzhou railway station’s infrastructure, we walked towards the platform awaiting our bullet train from Hangzhou to Shanghai.

Everyday there are plenty of high speed trains between Hangzhou and Shanghai. There are trains every 10 minutes. The distance of about 170 kms between Hangzhou and Shanghai could be covered in about 60 minutes by the bullet train.

Hangzhou didn’t fail to impress us in the platform too. The platform floor was very clean to the extent that one could see his/her reflection on the floor. People were standing in queue in all coach areas. That’s an impressive discipline.

One more thing – apart from the CCTV cameras all over the place in China, there are even more cameras in the city in the form of local’s smartphone camera. If something wasn’t recorded by a Chinese, it didn’t happen in China. We could see many locals taking video of the bullet train.

Below are videos of Hangzhou railway station.

We book ourselves a first class coach in the bullet train. The legroom was almost double the space of an emergency seat row in a flight.

Minty Holidays - Hangzhou Railway Station 2

Clean and neat interiors.

Minty Holidays - Hangzhou Railway Station 4

Below is a video of Shanghai railway station.

We walked and explored the Shanghai city. The city was clean and roads were void of potholes.

Minty Holidays - Shanghai 2

Minty Holidays - Shanghai 5

Parking was available for cars of all size.

Minty Holidays - Shanghai 3

For dinner, we wanted to goto a nice Chinese restaurant. So we wanted to ask some local person for recommendation. The receptionist team in the hotel we stayed couldn’t speak English. There was a Starbucks right opposite to our hotel. We went to the English-speaking country’s coffee shop assuming that somebody will speak English. We entered Starbucks and figured out that every employee in the cafe was a local. Not even the manager spoke a word of English. Without any hope of finding an English speaking local, we started roaming the streets of Shanghai to use our best judgement to select a nice Chinese restaurant.

Finally, we went inside a restaurant and asked for menu. We were given a Chinese menu (of course). We said, “English”. We were given a large paper that was double the size of an A4 sheet. This paper had the exact English translation of all menu items in the Chinese menu. We were given a pencil to circle and show the items we want.

In below picture, the menu on the left side of picture was in Mandarin and the paper on right side had the English version with a thick-blue underline. Above this line, the food item was described in English and below the line the same food was described in Mandarin.

Minty Holidays - Shanghai 6

Luckily, the food turned out to be good. We came back to the same restaurant on our day two too.


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