In China, everything happens in large scale. When it comes to infrastructure – both physical and technical – China has been consistently proving time and again that they are one of the dominating countries in the world.

Here is a quick demonstration of the country’s technical capability. Way back in 2012, a Chinese eCommerce company – Yihaodian – launched 1,000 virtual stores overnight in Shanghai alone. This was possible using augmented reality technique. This effort resulted in a revenue increase of 17% for the eCommerce company.

Fast forward to 2017, during our China trip, we went to Hangzhou railway station to experience the local transport. When we got down from the taxi, we weren’t sure whether the driver dropped us in airport or railway station.

We were amazed by the railway station’s facade infrastructure.

Minty Holidays - Hangzhou Railway Station 1Minty Holidays - Hangzhou Railway Station 3

We took a ticket for the high speed train from Hangzhou to Shanghai. After the ticket inspection (by machine) we entered inside Hangzhou station only to realise that the interior also looks like an airport. We were surprised by the railway station on various parameters.

First things first – the station was XXXL in size.

The station had higher population inside than a busy Indian railway station. Irrespective of this fact, the station was impeccably clean.

Nobody we could see was sleeping/sitting on floor.

Rules were followed – wherever people had to stand in queue, they stood in queue.

The station had great collection of restaurants too – from fast food to fine dine.

In all aspect, the railway station was giving us a feel of an international airport.

Below is a 360° video of Hangzhou railway station.


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