When it comes to “night life”, some destinations that come to mind are Goa, Bangkok, Pattaya, etc. But, Singapore?

Yes, Singapore has a very vibrant “night life”, at least in select areas in the city.

Warning: This article has some dark content that are not suitable for readers less than 18 years age.

During our Singapore trip, we went to Clarke Quay to meet friends and have dinner with them. We finished dinner by 11 pm and planned spontaneously to walk around the place to experience the city at night.

We walked for about an hour in and around Clarke Quay and by 11.30 pm, the scene around us slowly started to change. The area became very vibrant as time passed.

We noticed lot many people on the streets by 12 am, the place looked like a festival scene. We came to know that every Wednesday is a “ladies night” in Singapore where ladies are given a free entry to pubs. People queued up at pubs, because some of the pubs allowed entry only after 12 am (Yo!).

Post 12 am, the scene around changed further – we started noticing lot of single females, all with fresh makeup on. One could easily figure out why they are there just by looking at their eye contact and smile. We were approached by a lady, then we left the scene to a restaurant at 1 am.

While we were at the restaurant, we were sipping our mocktail and observing the “happenings” around us. We didn’t know that Singapore had such public nightlife. We were discussing about these with our local Singapore friends. One of the local friends suggested that we visit Orchard Towers in Orchard Road to really understand Singapore’s nightlife.

We drove to Orchard Towers and reached there by 2 am. Read more about this Tower in detail – here. At 2 am, when we reached Orchard Towers, we could see only ladies sitting on both sides of the entire Orchard Road.

Inside the tower (the so called mall), there were shops selling many “products” that fuelled the “activity” that was going inside the mall. You get the point.

It took sometime to digest what’s happening around us. Surprisingly, we couldn’t see any police around.

With the help of a local friend, we got free entry to an outlet (in the Tower) that looked like a restaurant/pub. Inside the outlet, we were asked to enter a small door. We went inside the door that led to a basement only to discover a whole new world. There were at least 300-400 people (70% would be ladies) in the basement.

There was an elevated dance floor where majority of dancers were ladies, it looked like almost all of them on stage were not in their control. We were there for about 30 minutes watching the dance. We noticed some ladies walking up to gents and “asking” something. By 3 am, we were moving out of Orchard Tower – the scene on Orchard Road didn’t change at all, still the road was filled with ladies on both sides. Again, we couldn’t spot a single police.

Pr0$tituti0n is neither legal nor illegal in Singapore, subject to some terms and conditions where it is considered illegal. We were aware of the fact that Geylang in Singapore is the top red light area. But, we didn’t know the “night life” has spilled to other areas too.

The only purpose of us writing this article is to put a word of caution to (in case you didn’t know this before) our readers who are travelling to Singapore and exploring the city at night.

PS1: We didn’t post any picture in the article intentionally.

PS2: The cover photo wasn’t taken by us, it was from Google under free-to-use license.


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