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In one of the restaurants where we dined in Hangzhou, China, we had the chance to watch a traditional Chinese dance along with magic stunts. The restaurant came to a standstill for the entire 4.5 minutes of performance. Needless to say, everyone in the restaurant were filming the dance on mobile and uploading to their social channels. In China, everything is social.

We asked for mocktails, there were no such options in the restaurant. But, we were offered a canned coconut juice. The juice tasted great, except for the translated English written over it.

Minty Holidays - Dining In China 10

Some of the fine dining restaurants in China have private dining rooms. A restaurant in Hangzhou had about 10+ large private dining rooms in multiple dimensions – each can accommodate at least 10 people.

Apart from private dining rooms, there are also “VIP Rooms” that must be booked in advance. We dined in a VIP room – it had its own cabinet where all possible cutleries/utensils were stored, a large 50″ LED TV, private butlers, a customised menu, and also a private rest room.

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When it comes to restaurant deals/discounts, China is no lesser than India. After our dinner, one of our friends decided to pay the bill. He opened an app called 55tuan (famously referred as the Groupon of China), found a coupon code for the restaurant, and then opened WeChat, entered the coupon code in it, and paid the bill via WeChat. The coupon code offered 30% discount. He did all these while the restaurant steward was waiting behind my friend to finish payment. Immediately the steward took out his mobile, checked and confirmed the receipt of payment.

Minty Tip There are two versions of WeChat app – international and Chinese version. The international version only has the ability to chat. The local Chinese version of WeChat has a world of features in it right from cab/flight/hotel booking to coupons to everything you can think of. WeChat China is a world. WeChat China is 50X advanced than WhatsApp.

Few more food photos are below.

Minty Holidays - Dining In China 12

Minty Holidays - Dining In China 2

On one of the days, we decided to take a tuk-tuk (auto rickshaw) instead of a taxi to go back to hotel. The width of auto rickshaws were almost half the width of an Indian auto rickshaw.

Minty Holidays - Dining In China 11

In the auto rickshaw, the entry/exit width was so small that we had to struggle a bit to enter/exit.

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