This beautiful resort in Wayanad can be reached with the help of Google Maps. We make it a point to mention about how-to-reach, because there are some resorts in Kerala that cannot be reached by using Google Maps.

Even before you enter the resort, you will be WOW-ed. Reason? The resort is surrounded by waterbody on three sides which is nothing but Banasura Sagar lake that is behind the Banasura Sagar Dam.

The location of Sharoy Resort is the highlight of the resort. Once you reach the main gate, a narrow road overlooking the waterbody will lead you to the resort as seen below.

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 6

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 7

The resort land area is not as large as Vythiri Village Resort, but the location of the resort more than makes up for it.

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 17

Sharoy Resort has a manmade viewpoint – you need to cross a hanging bridge (that looks like a miniature of London tower bridge) to reach there. The view from here will be splendid.

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 10

See below picture – the same viewpoint when it’s fully covered with fog! It took sometime for us to digest the fact that Banasura lake is invisible.

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 1

There are three room categories – you get the best view from “Lake View Premium” rooms. Especially, ask for a room that’s on the right side of the building (facing the swimming pool), because balconies on this side provide a better view compared to the others.

See the view below from the balcony – clicked around 5 pm.

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 16

The view from balcony in the early morning is simply mindblowing! To catch a glimpse of lake surrounded with fog you will need to wake up at least by 6am. View from the room at around 6.30 am.

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 4

If you are going out of the resort to explore Wayanad, it is recommended that you reach the resort by 5.30 pm for two reasons –

  1. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset right from your room’s balcony or near swimming pool area
  2. There aren’t enough street lights in Wayanad, so travelling at night would not be safe.

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 14

Coming to recreation, there is a well maintained kids play area, many indoor games like table tennis, board games and gym for workouts.

Apart from the location, there is yet another speciality in Sharoy Resort. Ostriches! Yes, the resort has two Ostriches. Typically you expect to see some farm animals in a resort, but seeing large Ostriches in a resort is unusual.

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 12

Piqued by our curiosity, we spoke to the general manager about the reason of keeping an Ostrich in the resort.

Minty Holidays (MH): Why Ostrich?

Sharoy’s General Manager (SGM): We want to be different from others. People are used to seeing normal animals in a resort. We want to capture the attention of travellers, so we thought we will keep Ostriches in our resort. Many people who come here are happy to see them.

MH: How about maintaining them?

SGM: That’s the difficult part. We spend a lot of money to maintain. More than the maintenance, safety is becoming a concern for us. Now that the Ostriches are grown up, it can hit the fence hard and it can escape too. Keeping it safe inside the fence is really a challenge. We are thinking of giving them off to somebody else.

They have a sample egg of an Ostrich preserved. If you are interested in seeing it, you can enquire at the front desk to show you the same. Normally, they do not let the eggs hatch at their farm and give them to nearby zoos or other farms.

With respect to food, the quality and the overall service both are good.

Luckily, during our stay we met the owner of Sharoy. We explained him how much we were blown away by the location of the resort, and asked him why he started Sharoy. The owner said:

Among all the land that I saw to build my resort, this one was the best. When I saw the location, I instantly liked it. I wanted to build something where people can come and really relax; they should forget all of their stress/sorrow and just enjoy the tranquility the view offers. The single goal I set for myself while building Sharoy was – it should offer peace of mind to guests

Below pictures show the lake that covers three sides of the resort.

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 2

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 3

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 8

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 11

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 13

Minty Holidays - Sharoy Resort Wayanad 18


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