Vythiri. There are so many resorts/hotels in Wayanad that are named after this word, this inherently creates confusion among travellers.

First things first, let us clarify some confusion –

  • Vythiri is a small town in Wayanad district, Kerala
  • Vythiri Village Resort and Vythiri Resort are two different properties, but both are in Vythiri town. These two properties are most of the time mixed up in usage/reference.

We stayed at Vythiri Village, a five star luxury accommodation. The resort land area is of 22 acres, and hence movement from room to other areas like swimming pool or restaurant usually happens via a buggie.

Vythiri Village is nature oriented place, you will see lot of greeneries around. In fact, it would be more apt to say that few concrete buildings are built within a dense tree region.

Minty Holidays - Vythiri Village - Wayanad 10

Some of the tree regions in the resort are maintained in its natural form – like a tiny forest region with natural waterbody. It’s because of these reasons the place looks very lively, fresh and pure.

Minty Tip: The place in below picture will not visible when you walk in the resort. You will have to ask the resort for ‘Kayaking’ place. From the walking path towards swimming pool, a narrow passage leads down to this place.

Minty Holidays - Vythiri Village - Wayanad 9

The place doesn’t look as welcoming as seen in the picture. It’s very quiet, and mildly scary to be here. Kayaking is charged extra.

Minty Holidays - Vythiri Village - Wayanad 8

Swimming pools (there are two), breakfast restaurant and activity area are far from rooms. We recommend you to walk (rather than taking a buggie) to notice varieties of fruits and flowers.

Minty Holidays - Vythiri Village - Wayanad 1

The resort also has a decent kids play area, and a large farm with birds. One can do a lot of activity in Vythiri Village – like zip line, stream walking, archery, yoga, watching 7D cinema and more. Some of these activities are chargeable and paid directly to the respective activity vendor – so it is advisable to carry your wallet within the resort.

We recommend you to take the fish spa that’s near to the swimming pool. The service is charged at Rs 150 for 15 minutes, you will have to pay to the person instantly (it cannot be added to your room bill, because the fish spa vendor is not from the resort). This fish spa is very clean and well maintained.

Minty Holidays - Vythiri Village - Wayanad 7

The highlight of Vythiri Village Resort is it’s hanging bridge. This is easily the top photographed spot in the resort.

Minty Holidays - Vythiri Village - Wayanad 2

When we stayed here, this bridge was under maintenance. So, a part of the bridge was very shaky when we walked.

Minty Holidays - Vythiri Village - Wayanad 3

The resort has two large and well maintained swimming pools. This one is near to the fish spa / breakfast area.

Minty Holidays - Vythiri Village - Wayanad 5

View of the same pool from fish spa area. It’s a large pool.

Minty Holidays - Vythiri Village - Wayanad 6

Once you cross the bridge, a steep 5 minutes walk will lead you to the second (infinity) pool.

Minty Holidays - Vythiri Village - Wayanad 11

View from the infinity pool — the hanging bridge and the other pool can be seen in the picture. Click on the picture or open in new tab to see it in large size.

Minty Holidays - Vythiri Village - Wayanad 4

The rooms are well maintained, clean and comfortable. Room service was good too. During dinner, local dance artists perform in the open air restaurant for about 30-45 minutes. The open air restaurant, combined with the local dance performance and loud music turns the resort into a very vibrant place for about 45 minutes. Food quality was good, but we found it to be expensive.

Minty Tip: When you check-in, ask at the reception for a resort tour in buggie

Overall, Vythiri Village is recommended for people of all ages except senior citizens (they can take a buggie). The place is well suited for a family, honeymooners, and it needs at least two day stay in the resort to enjoy everything it offers.


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