Paan With Fire – New Delhi’s New Dish


You might have done many crazy things in your life, but have you put fire inside your mouth? Sounds crazy? Read on.

When you are in New Delhi, once you have a lip-smacking meal, goto a place called “Odeon Gupta Paan Palace” in Connaught Place, Delhi.

This paan place offers 10+ unique varieties of paan – Chuski paan, Strawberry paan, Flirt paan, Chocolate paan, Black Current paan, and many more. The unique flavour in their list is – FIRE paan!

The paan wala prepares the fire paan and puts into customers’ mouth. The timing is so perfect that the flame goes off the next second the paan is pushed into mouth.

Address of this place: #1, D Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Odeon Gupta Paan Palace – Zomato page, Four Square page

Watch below video (by Voice of America) to experience it virtually.


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