Mascot Beach Resort is one of the top places to stay in Kannur, Kerala. It is also one of the closest beach destination (apart from Chennai) from Bangalore / Mysore.

The drive from Mysore to Kannur is very pleasant – less traffic, more green, and scenic in some places. Below picture was taken about 50 kms from Mysore (on the way to Kannur) – its actually a huge mountain that’s 80% covered with cloud.

minty holidays mascot beach resort kannur - 8

The best part of the entire driving journey is the 17 km stretch on Kannur-Mattannur-Coorg road. See the map below. Its a descending journey with many bends (no hair pin bends). The best time to cross this stretch is before 12 pm. In some places in this stretch the trees are very tall, and you could see dense trees on either side of the road.

minty holidays - kannur mattannur coorg road - map

Minty Alert: Do not stop your vehicle during this stretch, it is extremely dangerous for various reasons – low visibility and hence prone to accident, probable attack/theft as the entire 17 km stretch is just trees

When we drove, the entire stretch was covered with fog, we had only about 20-30% visibility for most part of the stretch, and down to 10% visibility in some areas. It was scary to drive, but at the same time it was a totally different experience to drive. Every vehicle had their fog lamps, headlights and all possible lights turned on. This road is also the border road between Karnataka and Kerala.

minty holidays mascot beach resort kannur - 4

Mascot Beach Resort is the top rated place to stay in Kannur. The biggest advantage the resort has got is its location. Its undoubtedly the best in Kannur. The resort is just on the periphery of beach – though we cannot get into water due to the huge rock formation at the shore.

minty holidays mascot beach resort kannur - 3

All rooms in the resort face the sea. But, the Mascot Deluxe and Suite rooms have the best view of sea. Suites are in the ground floor, Mascot Deluxe rooms are on the first floor – so, these rooms have even better view. Below picture is the view from our Mascot Deluxe room.

The rooms are spacious, clean and hassle-free.

minty holidays mascot beach resort kannur - 7

Mascot Beach Resort is a old property, but it is well maintained. Below picture is the view from a walking path in the resort.

minty holidays mascot beach resort kannur - 1

There are few seats in the open area. The best view of the sea is from this seat – with no obstruction on any side, and especially during sunset the view looks awesome.

minty holidays mascot beach resort kannur - 2minty holidays mascot beach resort kannur - 6minty holidays mascot beach resort kannur - 5

Both lunch and dinner are buffet service. But, the items are very limited. There were only 5-6 dishes for lunch, and all dishes will be of the local Kerala cuisine. Food quality is above OK.

Mascot Beach Resort has a 1 hour complementary WiFi, beyond that it is chargeable. WiFi is charged at Rs 100 per day per device, but the speed quality is decent.


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