Petals Resort in Wayanad is a cozy place to stay that is surrounded with greenery on all sides.

There are only two types of rooms – contemporary cottage and heritage villa. Both the room types have a valley facing view. Rooms are very clean, comfortable and neat.

We ordered lunch to room and it took a little extra time to deliver. But, otherwise the room service was prompt.

Food quality is good. For breakfast and dinner, there will be few traditional kerala dishes like appam, puttu kadala curry, banana based dessert, etc. Both dinner and breakfast have a buffet spread, but number of items are less compared to a typical lavish buffet.

When compared to a typical resort, Petals Resort’s land area is small. Because of which, there are no indoor activities or facilities except some board games. This is a major drawback of the resort. If you just want to stay in the resort, then it is going to be boring. But, if you are a person who can just stare at nature and admire for hours, then you will not be bored.

Below is a view from swimming pool.

minty holidays petals resort wayanad 1

A well maintained infinity pool.

minty holidays petals resort wayanad 5

minty holidays petals resort wayanad 2

The cone shaped structure are heritage villa rooms with valley / mountain facing view.

minty holidays petals resort wayanad 3

Below picture shows the view from our room. The path at the bottom of the picture is the car driving path.

minty holidays petals resort wayanad 4

Panoramic view of Petals Resort. Open the picture in a new tab to see in larger size.

minty holidays petals resort wayanad 6

Minty Alert: The driving path from the entrance till the top of the resort is too narrow. Only one car can passthrough at a time. If you are driving up/down, inform the security guard so that he can block other vehicles.

The GM at the resort is very friendly. If you face any issues, just inform him and you can be rest assured that he will sort it.

As a surprise element, the resort staff cleaned our car during checkout.


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