Last month, we travelled to Chikmagalur and decided to stay at a homestay. Chikmagalur has 3-4 decent hotels to stay though.

If you want to get a local flavour of Chikmagalur, then you must stay in a homestay here. We were told that there are over 150 homestays here.

For breakfast, our homestay host took us to a restaurant called “Town Canteen” in RG Road, the oldest restaurant in Chikmagalur. It is an ordinary looking, small place, but tastes good. Must try dish in Town Canteen is their butter masala dosa (the highest order is for this dish).

minty holidays chikmagalu drive 5

Our host bas been living in Chikmagalur for more than 35 years. So, we simply trusted them to show us their town. After breakfast, the host planned for us a 3 hour road trip that has some local spots to see.

All of us started from Town Canteen and started driving towards Mullayangiri peak. Search for Mullayangiri Peak in Google Maps and drive in that direction.

minty holidays chikmagalur drive 5

Its about an hour of driving at moderate speed, with few stopover to click nice photographs. The entire drive (after 5 minutes of starting) is scenic. In about 15 minutes of driving, you will start driving uphill and you can see the entire town of Chikmagalur. Below is an under construction statue (must be more than 100 feet in length) that we spotted on the way.

minty holidays chikmagalur drive 3

All three pictures below were clicked during our uphill journey. You can open all pictures below in a new tab to see them in larger size. The beauty of this place comes out only if you see below pictures in full size. You can spend easily 15 minutes just witnessing the never ending mountain ranges.

minty holidays chikmagalur drive 1 minty holidays chikmagalur drive 2minty holidays chikmagalur drive 4

Minty Tip: In the featured picture at the top, there is a homestay (left-center) – see for yourself and imagine the breathtaking view it has.

After seeing above three beautiful landscape, we were enroute to Mullayangiri Peak. The last 1 km road stretch (very steep) was severely damaged and hence we couldn’t reach the peak.


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