Banasura Sagar Dam, the largest earth dam in India, is located in the Wayanad district in Kerala.

The dam is named after Banasura, the son of Mahabali, an asura king of Kerala who is believed to be the reason behind the annual Onam festival celebration.

Banasura dam is undoubtedly one of the must visit places in Wayanad. There is an official parking lot available right next to the dam. Be prepared to hike up to the dam – though it takes just 5-10 minutes it might be tiring for people with infants / senior citizens.

Minty Alert: Do not climb the walking railing and get into water. The stone structure that leads to water in dam is very steep.

Once you reach the top of the dam, you will be pleasantly surprised by its beauty. Unlike a typical dam structure, here you will see many islands and a picturesque background filled with mountains.

View from dam – on the right side of the walking path. You can see the cars parked on the right side.


View from dam – on the left side of the walking path.


The best time to visit Banasura Dam is by 4.30 pm (the ticket counter closes by 5.30 pm). You will enjoy the scene of a mild orange sky, with mild water movements, islands sprinkled all over, and continuous mountain ranges in the backdrop.


Take a long walk along the dam. We walked for about a kilometer and walked back as it was getting dark and time for the dam to close.

There are many good places to stay around Banasura Dam. Few good options are: Banasura Island Resort, Petals Resort, and Sharoy Resort.


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