Marasa Sarovar Premier, one of the two five star hotels in Tirupati (the other one is Fortune Select Grand Ridge), is a true value for money (at about Rs 3,000 per night).

This hotel can be easily reached via Google Maps. If you have got down at the main bus stand, then the best mode of transport to the hotel is auto rickshaw. The hotel is only 4 kms away from the main bus stand. So, you can pay anywhere between Rs 60 to 100 (depending on your time of arrival). We arrived at the bus stand at 4 am, and gave Rs 100 to the auto driver to reach the hotel (the driver was asking Rs 120).

Since the hotel is located at a pilgrimage destination, guests will checkout at odd times – during our stay, the adjacent room guests were checking out at 5 am, 6 am, 7 am etc – because of which we had a mildly disturbed sleep for few hours in the morning.

We spoke to the hotel in-charge, we were told that about 70% of the guests stay at the hotel to goto Tirumala. The hotel also offers taxi service to Tirumala – by number of hours. Only about 5-10% of guests are corporate travellers.

One of the strikingly unique aspect of this hotel is its massive water landscape (in addition to a swimming pool). You can compare it with Ocean Spray Resort in Pondicherry (though the latter is massive in scale).

Minty Tip: There are only two kind of views from all rooms – water landscape facing, or hill facing. Ask at the reception for your room view preference.

Below is the view from our room at the first floor.


View of the hotel from the reception area. You can see the hill view at the other (back) side of the hotel.


Same view at night.


Hotel corridor.


Same view at night.


There are two restaurants here – the one at the left side of the photo (breakfast is served here, and its 270 degrees surrounded with water), and one at the right side of the photo.


Minty Tip: If you want to reach the bus stand (4 kms from the hotel), ask the reception for a car drop off (its FREE)

The hotel is well lit at night, so there are good photography opportunities at night time.


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