Janapada Loka is a place that preserves the rich culture of various regions of Karnataka.

The place is very close to Ramanagara, and it can be located on Google Maps for direction.

H.L Nagegowda IAS had a special interest towards folk arts during his tenure as Deputy Commissioner in Shimoga, Chikmagalur and Dakshina Kannada districts of Karnataka. As a result, HL Nagegowda opened Janapada Loka in 1994.

Minty Tip: There is a caretaker for the museum. He is there with the museum since 1994 (opening year). Request him to walk you through the museum, he has great depth of details about every item displayed there. We paid him Rs 40 for his service.

Nagegowda and his assistants took great effort in capturing / recording / documenting the folk performances, festivals, rituals, customs, utensils used at villagers home, various day to day items used by villagers, games played, dresses worn etc. All of these work are displayed inside the museum in Janapada Loka.


Below picture is of the museum.  Over 200 items are on display. In the left hand side, you can see the various hand-use fans that the villagers were using 150 years ago, and in the right hand side you can see a huge storage tank (8 feet tall) – it is for storing rice at villages.

Minty Tip: Adjacent to Janapada Loka – there is a restaurant called Kamat. Buy the dry fruit ladoo there, that’s the most selling item there and its awesome.

The museum has all the household items that were used in villages (hallis) – like food plates, food storage vessels, calendars, walking sticks (it has got a self protecting sharp knife inside), dress drying stand, table lamps, kerosene lantern, baby walkers, dress storage boxes, flower baskets, weighing scale, rain caps etc.


Below item, in the form of a giant wheel, was used to pull water from well and pass it on to the fields.


Statue of H.L Nagegowda (1915 to 2005)


Below photo has all the mythical animals.


A closer look at the mythical animals.


Various utensils used by villagers.

minty-holidays-janapada-loka-ramanagara-32 minty-holidays-janapada-loka-ramanagara-33

The big drum in the picture below is about 6 feet in width. All of these drums were used by villagers.


Representation of a man during one of the ritual festivals in village.


Surprisingly,  there is a huge and well maintained kids play area.


By evening (around 5 pm), you will see a group of art students coming together to start playing folk music with their drums.


An amphitheatre where folk shows happens.


Must Know Details

  • Museum timings: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. But, when we were there, the museum closed by 5.10 pm itself. So, better consider the closing time as 5 pm.
  • Lunch break: 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm
  • Tuesday is a holiday
  • Entree fee for Adults: Rs 20
  • Entree fee for Children: Rs 10
  • Entree fee for Foreigners: Rs 100
  • Photography (within museum): Rs 100
  • Videography (for shooting within museum): Rs 500


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